YouTube, faster growing than MySpace?

October 19, 2006

News:  ZDNet reports an interesting study by Jay Meattle comparing the growth of MySpace and YouTube in their first 16 months (the companies started at different times).  Turns out that YouTube’s growth, in terms of users, has been way faster than MySpace’s was.  (Meattle’s study is here.)  MySpace is 3 years older than YouTube, though, and MySpace has a sizeable lead in terms of the number of visitors currently, according to Meattle.

Analysis:  It will be interesting to see if YouTube can sustain its exponential growth.  I looked on Alexa and it has MySpace at No.6 and YouTube at No.9.  I’m not sure YouTube will overtake MySpace.  MySpace is a much different site — more about people creating their own social pages — that has a lot of attraction for all kinds of people, especially young teenagers.  The video file sharing space probably has a more limited audience, at least right now.


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