DNC: John Kerry gives rousing speech: “90 percent of George Bush is just more than we can take”

August 28, 2008

DNC: Bill Clinton rocks the convention Wedesday

August 28, 2008

President Clinton received the longest applause so far.

DNC: Chelsea Clinton moving introduction of Hillary Clinton

August 27, 2008

DNC: Hillary Clinton rocks the house to unify party behind Obama

August 27, 2008

Women react to Clinton’s speech:

DNC: Michelle Obama speaks at Democratic Convention

August 26, 2008

DNC: Senator Ted Kennedy speaks at Convention, introduced by Caroline Kennedy

August 26, 2008

Esmee Denters says her 1st album is done, produced by Justin Timberlake

August 25, 2008

I can’t wait.  This will be a big moment for YouTube and the community.


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