Trinity wins on last second, using 15 “laterals” to beat Millsaps

Trinity University of San Antonio, a Division III school, won on the final play against Millsaps, by using 15 “laterals” to run down the field for a touchdown.  This video is pretty amazing, although it’s hard to beat the last second play by Cal to beat Stanford in 1982, when Stanford’s band was marching onto the field and one of the members got knocked over. Still got to love Division III football.  And the announcers started screaming just at the right moment.

5 Responses to Trinity wins on last second, using 15 “laterals” to beat Millsaps

  1. […] I just wanted to thank Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated for linking to my post here about the Trinity football game.  The traffic to The Utube Blog has been pretty amazing, all because of a Division III football […]

  2. Larry Smith says:

    WOW… that makes last years Boise State vs Oklahoma game look like child play. That was amazing, and nothing short of that can describe it.

    Cheers to Trinity for pulling it off!!!

  3. T-Dub says:

    That’s why college football is so much more fun to watch than the pros!

    Congrats to Trinity University.

  4. treb123 says:

    mmm looks like rugby to me….

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