Ustream–the live YouTube?

News:  Tech Crunch has an extensive review of the live video site Ustream.  The basic idea is to have video streaming live, so you can watch in real time.  It’s supposed to allow interactivity with chat and a feature that allows the viewer to “shout” by clicking on a button, indicating a favorable response.  It’s still in beta, so some bugs need to be worked out.

Analysis:  I’m not sure how important it is to have live video.  Maybe for a video conference or one of those sleezy sex cams, but I think part of the whole appeal of YouTube is that it’s asynchronous–users decide when they want to watch on their own time.     

3 Responses to Ustream–the live YouTube?

  1. mikecane says:

    On the day the iPhone was introduced, I found a link for a live stream from a line in California! It ate nearly an hour out of my life! Then it was time for me to leave to snap my own pics of people on line in NYC.

    Ustream is pretty neat for highly-niche stuff like that.

  2. Chris Yeh says:

    YouTube is a great service. I can go there, and if I want to see the Superman cartoon where he ends up impersonating Batman, I can find it.

    But what I can’t do is interact live, either with other viewers, or with the content itself. Ustream lets you participate in an experience. It’s why you pay $50 to go to a concert even though the sound quality sucks, and it’s a lot cheaper to listen to your iPod in a silent room.

    YouTube and Ustream are different and complementary. Ustream lets people virtually attend conferences and participate; set up their own sports network; interact live with presidential candidates like John Edwards. That is different from YouTube, but also very valuable.

  3. James says:

    I’ve built a small Flash app that allows you to mash up to four
    Ustream videos together. I know some vidcasters like to use Ustream
    when interviewing guests. This Flash file solves the problem of trying
    to fit them all on one page. Webmasters can either preload it via an
    xml file or let your visitors enter their own streams.
    Its free to use for anyone that wants it.

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