Hollywood Asks YouTube: Friend or Foe?

News:  Laura Holson of NYT has a probing article today titled “Hollywood Asks YouTube: Friend or Foe?,” which discusses the many issues Hollywood studios face with YouTube.  Of course, one of the big problems is keeping their copyrighted content from surfacing (unauthorized) on YouTube.  Even after the studios find one unauthorized clip of their movies and YouTube takes it down, another may resurface from another YouTube user. “There is only so much we can do,” said Rick Cotton, NBC Universal’s general counsel, who estimated that more than half the videos on YouTube featuring NBC Universal’s television shows and films were unauthorized. As fast as a clip is taken down, he said, YouTube users “can always put up another.”

The article describes a deal with Universal, however:   So in an odd twist, Eminem’s songs from “8 Mile” are cleared for use on YouTube, while much of the accompanying video is not. In what could be an indication of the kinds of deals the studios might strike, Universal Music earns the higher of two amounts when its songs are used in a video: a flat fee per clip or a percentage of advertising revenue.  “We don’t want to kill this,” said Larry Kenswil, a Universal Music executive. “We see this as a new source of revenue for us.”

Analysis:  The notice-takedown procedure seems like a neverending challenge.  Take down one unauthorized clip on Monday, you might find another version back up the same day or week.  Until YouTube’s filtering software is rolled out, or YouTube changes its current policy and requires either greater user verification or more internal review of each video clip before it is posted, I don’t see how this problem goes away.

4 Responses to Hollywood Asks YouTube: Friend or Foe?

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  2. Guys I’m in the process of doing my own mag ONLINE, it was trad originally/print, i also thought when i started that this ONLINE thing was a problem.? but you know its really not.! its free advertising for your product, you cant pay for this kind of viral/advertising, word of mouth/online eyes.? if i really like what I’m seeing ONLINE and i can but it for real outside I WILL because i clocked it ONLINE first, there’s a big chance seeing it online is a good thing because I’m not buying trad media, get it.?….so dont worry this is a very different market place……i hope this helps……Bainbridge

  3. sorry I’m back..yeah so soon, anyway to follow up on my point earlier, I’ve just seen the Chris Furguson show, well, a snippet really (living in Sydney i’ve never heard of him i now want to watch all things Furgie’s got on offer..get it..? ONLINE advertising works.! because I can go anyway I WANT.! NOT WHERE THE OLD TRAD MEDIA WANTS ME TO GO, and I’m now back safely.! but seriously, chill guys, its a new world thats all don’t be scared, jump on its a great ride…..bainbridge

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